Determined Destiny.

Welcome to the P&C Motors Wiki

Welcome to P&C Motors!

There are many cars you can choose from, from the small, basic, hardtop convertible Aloha to the large Atmos, to the Flash XSR. Or, you may use the Iguana or Komodo if you want serious luxury. This is a free-to-edit wiki, and we, the administrators, would cherish keeping it that way.  So, do not let us revoke that privilege.  When one ruins it, the privilege will be revoked from everyone!

Our Vision

Our vision is to create vehicles filled with the latest technologies, with top-of-the-line quality, reliability, and safety.

Good cars are reliable, safe, and high-quality.


  1. NEVER use swear words, ANYWHERE! Consequence(s): month-long chat ban with a month-long block.
  2. Vandalism is a crime on this wiki, and is strictly prohibited here. Consequence(s): Block (ranging from one month to two years) The page(s) might be protected in order to prevent any more vandalism.
  3. Do not create any pages without an administrator's permission. Those will be deleted.
  4. Pornography (in any form), like vandalism, is strictly prohibited here.
  5. Death threats, will result in being blocked for five years.
  6. Respect our "netiquette".
  7. If you see a bug on the wiki, FEEL FREE to fix it!
  8. Asking for admin privileges are not allowed, and will result in a block. We don't give privileges to people we like.

To become an admin

You will need:

  1. At least 50 edits on this wiki, and 90 achievement points.
  2. At the most, 4 blocks.
  3. A maximum of 1 chat ban.

To become a moderator

You will need:

  1. At least 25 edits on this wiki, and 45 achievement points.
  2. At the most, 6 blocks.
  3. A maximum of 2 chat bans.

To become a rollback

You will need to prove you're a trustworthy person and only rollback information that NEEDS to be rolled back.

Please note that anyone with at least one block that has lasted for one or more years is ineligible to become an admin or moderator. Should you not meet any one of the requirements, you're ineligible for administrative or moderative privileges.

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