The P&C Flash is a hatchback.  There are three trims: Hatchback (base), R (3.1), and Sette (almost identical to base, however seats 7 instead of the regular 5).

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.44.00

2015.2 Flash (left) and 2015 Flash (right) side-by-side comparison (front)

The Flash has received a facelift for January 2015. It no longer comes in hatchback or multi-purpose vehicle variants, but is now a compact luxury sedan. It is far more luxurious than the pre-facelift model (check 2015 tab).

Flash images.

P&C Motors Cars

This contains all P&C cars, both current and historic.

Flash • Aloha • Iguana • Atmos • Furgone • Python • Sprint • Camion • Boltlift • Gelato • Alleggerita • Mina • Furiostrada

Tiger: Adventurer • Demon



  • The Flash Estate was an Atmos slot.
  • It was released when it wasn't finished, but it also wasn't the first brick.
  • This was an RDKMobile.  The 2015 Flash hatchback was the only Flash RDKMobile.

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